Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Composites for Commercial, Industrial and Wastewater Applications
2220 36th Street North             Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Phone: 715-421-3770
FAX: 715-421-3771
e-mail: Kent Huchthausen

Domed Covers

Custom Made Pipe Assemblies

V-Notch Weir Plates

Washer Hoods

Scum Baffle

Stairway with Handrailing

Vertical Ladder

Parshall Flume

Reinforced Stop Plate

Palmer Bowlus Flume

Horizontal Tank

Palmer Bowlus Flume

Imbedded Stop Plate Frame

Stop Plate w/V-Notch Cutout

V-Notch Weir Plate

Hand Wheel Operated Slide Gate


Double Doors w/Lites & Frame Assembly

Fiberglass Door Frame

Van-Stone 90 Deg. Elbow

Air Silencer



Parshall Flume

Special Fittings

Spool Assemblies

U-Shaped Trench Liners

Multi-Lite Door

Surface Mounted Stop Plate Frame

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