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Fiberglass doors and frames shall be manufactured by FRP Composites, Inc. of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.   All fiberglass doors shall be guaranteed not to fail due to corrosion for five years.   All items will be manufactured in accordance with the NBS PS 15-69 Product Standard and will be warranted against failure due to workmanship for one year.

The frame will be constructed using pultruded fiberglass door frame having mitered corners which are factory bonded on the inside surface.   Frames will be pigmented with an off-white colorant and will be ready for installation.   Frames will be three-sided, and if requested, an optional threshold could be added at the factory.   Frames are symmetrical, allowing doors to be installed on either side.

The door shall be constructed using 1 1/2" square, Series 500, 1/8" thick side wall pultruded fiberglass tubing.   All corners will be cut square and will have an 1 1/4" diameter x 3" long fiberglass solid round rod inserted, epoxied and then locked into place using two 1 1/2" long x 1/4" diameter stainless steel spring pins.   In addition to the perimeter type frame, the door would be reinforced with two horizontal fiberglass tubes, each located approximately 30" from the top and bottom tubing.   The door will be insulated using 1 1/2" thick PVC closed cell foam, sized to fit the three openings.

Also, based on the proposed location of the lockset, a 1 1/2" thick x 6" square block of fiberglass composite will be factory installed.   The face sheets of the door will consist of 1/8" thick fiberglass panels which will be sanded and epoxied to the framework.   The finish of the face sheets shall consist of a 30 MIL layer of gelcoat impregnated with a colorant as selected by the customer.   The finished door will have an overall thickness of 1 3/4" and is designed to accept standard hardware presently used on steel doors.   The overall width of the door is 3' - 0" with an overall height of 80".   Other sizes available upon request.

Optional windows can be factory installed, based on size and location requirements.   Lexan panels would be used for windows, with all edges glazed prior to shipment.

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